Monday, February 13, 2012

Garden Beds Prepared - Sweet Onions

With the help of two young men I was able to finally complete the preparation of my raised beds. They are weeded and filled and ready to be planted with yummy goodies.
The only thing I planted today was onion sets. This is the first time I have planted onions from sets. I hope these do well. I have tried onion seeds and onion plants before with little success from either. Isn't this was gardening is all about? Finding what works best for you in your area.

These are Sweet Onion bulbs I found at Walmart this morning.
They should be ready for harvest in about 3-4 months.
Around the end of May I will be watching for the top growth to fall over.

Carrots are a good companion plant with onions. I think tomorrow I will seed some carrots in between the rows of onion.

Pea Update:
These little fellows have sprouted and are breaking through the ground. Yea!

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  1. We are planting yellow onions this year. My father-in-law says to do the opposite of hilling up with onions. I had never heard this but he has been gardening a long time and grown onions the size of grocery store onions. He says to expose the tops of the onions to light by raking back some of the soil once they have started developing a root system or they will rot. Hope it helps. I'm going to try it this year... past years we have not known this and our onions did diddly. :o)