Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wags June 19-25

There is not much interesting at Walgreens this week, but lets try to find a bargain anyhow.

Gatorade G-Series Fit, buy G1 1.50, G2 1.00, and G3 2.50, get 5.00 mail in rebate form wyb all 3 in 1 transaction 

Gillette Fusion razor 9.89, get 5 rr, limit per transaction
   4.00 Gillette Fusion coupon

Applied Nutrition calcium 10.00, get 10.00. limit 1 per transaction
   1.00 Applied Nutrition calcium coupon in the box

filling in with Royal gelatin .19 when necessary.

The calcium is a great deal this month. I purchased 3 last week. Each time I was able to use the 5.00 coupon in the summer savings booklet.

The first time the cashier pushed it through.
The second time the store manager approved it using a price modification.
The third time the community manager approved it using a price modification. He then proceeded to tell me how bad I was for using the coupon. He followed me around the store harassing me. He even told me to return the calcium because the transaction was unethical. Remember this is the SAME transaction he approved just minutes ago. He said it is wrong for me to make money on a product and that I am cheating the manufacturer. He also said that his store manager should have never approved it, but the store manager only did it to please the customer!!! Like that was a bad thing.
Since when is pleasing the customer a bad thing????
My only response to everything this man said was, "Thank you for clarifying your coupon policy." And I said it over and over with a great big smile. I refuse to argue with such a person.

I just received a telephone call from Walgreens. He apologized for this man's behavior. He will personally take care of this situation. He also told me that he and Walgreens value coupon shoppers, as long as we coupon correctly.
I love when a company listens to their customers and rights the problem. I will happily shop at Walgreens from now on.

I am happy to have used the 5.00 coupon three times, but I will not push it anymore. It is still a good deal with the 1.00 coupon. I am satisfied with that.

Happy shopping. I hope you find deals that work for you this week at Walgreens.

Rite Aid Jun 19-25

These items are on my Rite Aid list for this week.

Zantac 24-30 count 7.99, get 2 up, limit 4
   2.00/1 video value coupon
   5.00/1 Zantac coupon
   1.00/1 Zantac coupon

St Joseph aspirin 1.50, get 1.50 up, limit 2

Colgate toothpaste 2n1, max....  2.99, get 2,99 up, limit 4
   1.00/1 Colgate Max coupon

Samy Fat Foam hair color 8.99, get 5 up, limit 2
   5.00/1 video values coupon
   3.00/1 Samy fat foam coupon

GE Reveal light bulbs 2.50, get 2.00 scr wyb 10.00

Happy Shopping!
I hope you find some great deals.


Friday, June 17, 2011

CVS June 19-25

What am I buying at CVS this week?

Colgate Total, MaxClean, 360 toothbrush 2.79, get 2.00 eb, limit 2
   1.00/1 Colgate MaxClean coupon

GUM Periobalance lozenges 28 count 15.99, get 15.99 eb, limit 1

GenTeal, Acquify, Clear Care 8.79, 3.00 eb, limit 1
   1.50/1 GenTeal coupon, ext Jun 30
   1.00/1 Acquify/Clear Care coupon, exp July 15

L A Looks gel 2.99, get 2.00 eb, limit 1
   1.00/1 L A Looks coupon

PowerBar Enery or Protein Bites 2.49, get 2.49 eb, limit 1

PowerBar, MetRx, and other supplement bars b2g1f
   b1g1f MetRx coupon, exp Jul 31
   b1g1f PowerBar coupon, exp Jul 31

Hershey Bliss 9oz 5.99, get 5.99,  limit 1
   1.00/1 Hershey Bliss bag coupon, exp June 26

Gas Card deal, get 10.00 gas card wyb 30.00 selected items
will probably be a combination of these items
   Ocean Spray Juice 2/5.00
   Hawaiian Punch 2/5.00
   Pop Tarts 2/4.00

Happy Shopping!
I hope you find all the deals you are looking for.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Much Does One Really Need?

I enjoyed some time with friends the other day. When they called and invited me to share dinner with them, I was delighted. As I was writing the time on my calendar, I thought of a question I was so sure they were going to ask me. The question is "Are you alright and is there anything you need or we can help you with?"

I thought of that question over the next few minutes. I smiled as I the answer came in my mind.

"I am alright. I am more than alright, I am blessed.
I have everything I need. I have my home and my provisions. I have a dear mother and amazing son. I have my faith and my testimony. What more could a girl possibly want (besides a loving husband). I have good friends and I am cheerfully involved in my church and community."

I have joy.
True joy that comes from living a simple life of faith, family, and friends.

Walgreens Jun 12-18

There are a few free or almost free buys this week. Yeehaw!

Wags June 12-18

Wal-Fex Allergy 5ct 3.99, get 3.99 rr, limit 1 per transaction

Blistex RPM for men 2.00, get 2.00 rr. limit 1 per transaction

Bayer Advanced aspirin 3.00, get 1.00 rr, limit 1 per transaction
    2.00/1 Bayer Advanced coupon in upcoming Jun 12 insert

Schick Hydro razor or cartridge 8.99, get 4 rr, limit 1 per transaction
    4.00/1 Schick coupon in upcoming Jun 12 insert

filler items if needed
Big Roll tp, or tuf paper towels .50 in-ad coupon
Nestle candy bars .39, limit 6
   .50/2 Nestle coupon

My transactions for Walgreens Jun 12
I sure hope it works like it should!

Transaction 1

Applied Nutrition calcium 10.00
2 Finesse 2/7.00
use 5.00 wags coupon in jun2011 booklet
    two 1.00 finesse coupon
pay with 10.00 rr renew life
=tax oop
receive 10.00 rr app nut, 5.00 rr finesse

Transaction 2

Schick razor 8.99
Blistex 2.00
Walfex allergy 3.99
use 4.00 schick coupon
pay with 10 rr app nut
=.98 +tax oop
receive 4.00 rr schick, 2.00 rr blistex, 3.99 rr walfex

Transaction 3

Bayer Advanced aspirin 3.00
Gillette fusion razor 9.89
2 big roll tp .50
use 2.00 bayer coupon
    4.00 gillette razor coupon
    big roll inad coupon
pay with 5 rr finesse, 2 rr blistex
=.89 +tax oop
receive 1.00 rr bayer, 5 rr gillette

I am a little OCD

There ought to be a support group for that, don't you think?

I could just see the meetings now......

Hello my name is Melody and I am a couponer.
Okay there I said it. I feel so much better. Don't you?
-Welcome Melody-

I hope I have come to the right place. I have a been a couponer for several years now. I really have it bad. My coupons are all neatly organized in a binder and I plan each transaction ahead of time.  I even show others how acquire products for free or nearly free with coupons.

Please help me... will I ever be sane again???

June Monthy Deals at Walgreens

June Deals at Walgreens

Applied Nutrition triple calcium supplement 10.00, get 10.00rr, limit one per transaction
    5.00 Applied Nutrition supplement coupon in Jun saving book

Finesse clean and simple shampoo 2/7.00, get 5.00 rr wyb 2, limit 1 per transaction
    1.00/1 Finesse coupon

Gilette fusion razor 9.89, get 5.00 rr, limit 1 per transaction
     4.00/1 Gillette fushion coupon

These are a few great deals that would be good to take advantage of each time you visit Walgreens this month.

Happy Shopping!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

CVS June 12-18

There are some great finds at CVS this week. Several free or moneymakers!

Zyrtec 5 count 5.99, get 5.99 eb, limit 1
    2.00/1 any Zyrtec, excludes tablets 45ct or higher and gels 40ct or higher
       This coupon was on a tearpad at one of my local drug stores
Bayer Advanced aspirin 3.00, get 1.00 eb, limit 1
    2.00/1 Bayer Advanced coupon from upcoming Jun 12 insert

Motrin pm 20ct 4.00, get 3.00 eb, limit 3
    1.00/1 Motrin coupon

Schick Hydro Razor 8.00, get 4.00 eb, limit 1
    4.00/1 Schick razor coupon from upcoming Jun 12 insert

Other sales to consider-

Orbit gum b1g1free, limit 6
    1.00/2 any Orbit coupon

Revlon, get 4.00 eb wyb 10.00, limit 2

Crest selected, get 5.00 wyb 10.00, limit 2

Rite Aid June 12

I love shopping at my local Rite Aid. The ladies that work there are wonderful to me. They are so polite and friendly. They are not even bothered that I use coupons, a lot of coupons, always. They have learned that I do not purchase anything unless it is on sale and I have coupon. A new store manager just arrived a few weeks ago and she is doing an excellent job at stocking the shelves with sale merchandise. No longer do I complain about out of stock sale merchandise when I fill out the $3.00 surveys. Yeah.

I clip every coupon and put it in a big binder sorted by category and then by brand. I do not know which insert any of these coupons came out of. You will need to search the coupon databases if you want that information.

Goodies and some possible transaction ideas to help you maximize your savings.

Rite Aid June 12-18

Bayer Advanced 3.99, get 1.99 up, limit 1
    2.00/1 Bayer Advanced coupon in upcoming Jun 12 insert

Lysol healthy touch soap system 7.49, get 3.00 up, limit 4
    3.00/1 Lysol healthy touch coupon

Dr.Scholls foot care, get 5.00 up wyb 15.00, limit 2
    1.00/1 Dr Scholls corn, bunyon, etc coupon
    2.00/1 Dr Scholls any For Her coupon
    3.00/1 Dr Scholls orthopic coupon

Old spice deodorant 2/5.00, get 1.00 up wyb 2, limit 4
    buy1 Old Spice deodorant get1 body wash free coupon
   1.00/2 any Old Spice coupon

Sally Hanson beauty tools b1g150, get 3.00 up wyb 10.00, limit 4
    1.00/1 Sally beauty tool coupon
    2.00/1 Sally beauty tool coupon

Cover Girl b1g150, get 5.00 up wyb 20.00, limit 1
    5.00/2 natureluxe coupon

Suggested Transactions

Transaction #1
1 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (5.99) 5.39 10%
1 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (2.99) 2.69 10%
1 Lysol heathy touch 7.49
use 5.00/2 natureluxe coupon
    3.00 lysol coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=4.57 (use up rewards to pay this) +tax out of pocket
receive 3.00 up lysol

Transaction #2
2 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (5.99) 5.39 10%
2 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (2.99) 2.69 10%
use two 5.00/2 natureluxe coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=3.16 +tax out of pocket
receive 5.00 up cover girl when you complete transactions 1 and 2

Transaction 3
2 Old Spice deodorant    2.50
2 Old Spice body wash (4.99) 4.50 10%
1 Bayer Advanced 3.99
use two buy1 Old Spice deodorant get1 body wash free   
    1  1.00/2 any Old Spice coupon
    1 2.00 Bayer Advanced coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=2.99 +tax
receive 2 up old spice, 1.99 up bayer

Transaction 4
2-3 dr scholls products (17.00) 15.30 10%
use 1.00, 2.00, or 3.00 Dr Scholls coupons
    1.00 RA video value coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
= varies
receive 5 up dr scholls

Good luck and happy shopping! I hope you find all the deals you are looking for.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

WalMart this week Jun 4

I rarely shop at WalMart. But this week I found a few things I could get for free, soap, floss, and fly swatters.

Only one transaction.

8 Black Flag flyswatters .98
3 Ivory Soap 3 pack .97
1 Reach floss .88
1 York Peppermint Patty .50 (because I like them)
12.13 subtotal
.82 tax
12.95 total
1.00 Black Flag coupon (8)
1.00 Ivory soap coupon (3)
1.00 Reach floss coupon

.95 subtotal
paid .95 out of pocket (.13 for my yummy peppermint patty +.82 tax)

The cashier was quite impressed. She said "You got all that for less than a dollar. I have to learn how to do this!"

Rite Aid this week Jun 4

This is a great week at Rite Aid for me. I got some really good deals.
My son loves the Gillette body wash. I snagged him several bottles of it and made 2.50 on the deal. Now that is my favorite kind of shopping.

I purchased just about everything on my list. I have to go back tomorrow while I am running other errands because I want to get the other 2 toothbrushes and do the veet deal again.

Transaction #1
2 Gillette body wash (5.29) sale 3.50 each
2 Physicians Formula bronzer 12.95 b1g1free
19.95 subtotal
1.40  tax
=21.35 total
5.00 Physicians Formula coupons (2)
b1g1free Gillette coupon
2.00 Gillette coupon
5.85 subtotal
     paid with
4.00 up
1.85 out of pocket (.45 +1.40 tax)
received no ups, but did get 3.00 survey

Transaction #2
Exactly same as trans #1, but I used a 3/15 survey coupon. Notice the difference in tax.
2 Gillette body wash (5.29) 3.50
2 Physicians Formula bronzer 12.95 b1g1free
19.95 subtotal
1.19 tax
21.14 total
5.00 Physicians Formula coupons (2)
b1g1free Gillette coupon
2.00 Gillette coupon
3.00 survey coupon
5.64 subtotal
     paid with
2.64 out of pocket (1.45 + 1.19 tax)
received 5.00 up for physicians formula, and 3.00 survey

I discovered with these two identical transactions that the 3.00 survey coupon reduces your taxable amount. That is great! I need to use one of these with every transaction.

Transaction #3 (to complete the P&G deal, get 10.00 up wyb 30.00 of p&g products)
6 Gillette body wash (5.29) 3.50
21.00 subtotal
1.26 tax
22.26 total
b1g1free Gillette coupon (3)
2.00 Gillette coupon (3)
3.00 survey
2.76 subtotal
     paid with
2.76 out of pocket (1.50 +1.26 tax)
received 10.00 up for P&G products, and 3.00 survey

Transaction #4 (now with the P&G deal done I can concentrate on other deals)
2 Crest ProHealth toothpaste (4.29) 2.57
2 OralB power toothbrush (8.49) 5.99
1 Veet (6.29) 5.66, 10% wellness discount
1 Veet (4.79) 4.31, 10%
27.09 subtotal
1.90 tax
28.99 total
2.00 Veet in ad coupon
1.00 Veet video values coupon
2.00 Veet coupon (2)
.75 Crest toothpaste coupon (2)
3.00 OralB battery toothbrush coupon (2)
3.00 survey
11.49 subtotal
     paid with
10 up
1.49 out of pocket (-.41 +1.90 tax)
received 5.00 up for veet, 3 up for oralb (2), 1.60 up for crest (2), and 3.00 survey
I have no idea what happened that created a negative subtotal. I wish I knew I would do it on every transaction.

Final Transaction #5
2 Physicians Formula bronzer 12.95 b1g1free
2 Physicians Formula bronaer 11.95 b1g1free
1 Blink Tears (10.99) 7.99
32.89 subtotal
2.30 tax
5.00 Physicians Formula coupon (4)
1.50 Blink coupon
13.69 subtotal
     paid with
11.00 up
2.69 out of pocket (.39 + 2.30 tax)
received 5.00 up for physicians formula, 7.99 single check rebate, and 3.00 survey

What a great shopping morning.
I paid 11.43 out of pocket (3.38 +8.05 tax)