Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Raised Bed Layout

My home sits on top of a hill. I have used all my flat area out back for raised beds. I like stepping off my back porch and stepping right into my garden.

Years ago I had in ground gardens at the bottom of the hill between my backyard and the pasture.While I had larger gardens in that area, I got tired very quickly of having to lug supplies and vegetables up and down the steep hill. How I envy people with FLAT land. But here in northeast Georgia there is not three feet of flat ground anywhere.

My front yard is not much better. It is two acres that gently slope down to the road. Eventually I will fill this area with fruit trees.

I have seven raised beds out back. They are different sizes and different depths. At one time I thought larger beds were better, but not now. I find the smaller beds much easier to work. When the time comes to build more beds I will make them no larger then 3x5. Four feet wide is too difficult for me to work. My favorite raised bed is my little 2x6 bed. It is small and easily manageable.

Most of the beds have been planted with spring vegetables. But two beds are almost empty. Bed one has only three parsley plants that survived through the winter and are growing strong. Lettuce will probably fill the remainder of bed one. The trough will be planted with carrots and shallots soon.

Here is my spring layout as of February 15. Notice the beds create a curve from the right side to the bottom. That is where my hill drops off. Ack!

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