Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wags June 19-25

There is not much interesting at Walgreens this week, but lets try to find a bargain anyhow.

Gatorade G-Series Fit, buy G1 1.50, G2 1.00, and G3 2.50, get 5.00 mail in rebate form wyb all 3 in 1 transaction 

Gillette Fusion razor 9.89, get 5 rr, limit per transaction
   4.00 Gillette Fusion coupon

Applied Nutrition calcium 10.00, get 10.00. limit 1 per transaction
   1.00 Applied Nutrition calcium coupon in the box

filling in with Royal gelatin .19 when necessary.

The calcium is a great deal this month. I purchased 3 last week. Each time I was able to use the 5.00 coupon in the summer savings booklet.

The first time the cashier pushed it through.
The second time the store manager approved it using a price modification.
The third time the community manager approved it using a price modification. He then proceeded to tell me how bad I was for using the coupon. He followed me around the store harassing me. He even told me to return the calcium because the transaction was unethical. Remember this is the SAME transaction he approved just minutes ago. He said it is wrong for me to make money on a product and that I am cheating the manufacturer. He also said that his store manager should have never approved it, but the store manager only did it to please the customer!!! Like that was a bad thing.
Since when is pleasing the customer a bad thing????
My only response to everything this man said was, "Thank you for clarifying your coupon policy." And I said it over and over with a great big smile. I refuse to argue with such a person.

I just received a telephone call from Walgreens. He apologized for this man's behavior. He will personally take care of this situation. He also told me that he and Walgreens value coupon shoppers, as long as we coupon correctly.
I love when a company listens to their customers and rights the problem. I will happily shop at Walgreens from now on.

I am happy to have used the 5.00 coupon three times, but I will not push it anymore. It is still a good deal with the 1.00 coupon. I am satisfied with that.

Happy shopping. I hope you find deals that work for you this week at Walgreens.

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