Thursday, June 9, 2011

WalMart this week Jun 4

I rarely shop at WalMart. But this week I found a few things I could get for free, soap, floss, and fly swatters.

Only one transaction.

8 Black Flag flyswatters .98
3 Ivory Soap 3 pack .97
1 Reach floss .88
1 York Peppermint Patty .50 (because I like them)
12.13 subtotal
.82 tax
12.95 total
1.00 Black Flag coupon (8)
1.00 Ivory soap coupon (3)
1.00 Reach floss coupon

.95 subtotal
paid .95 out of pocket (.13 for my yummy peppermint patty +.82 tax)

The cashier was quite impressed. She said "You got all that for less than a dollar. I have to learn how to do this!"

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