Friday, June 10, 2011

Rite Aid June 12

I love shopping at my local Rite Aid. The ladies that work there are wonderful to me. They are so polite and friendly. They are not even bothered that I use coupons, a lot of coupons, always. They have learned that I do not purchase anything unless it is on sale and I have coupon. A new store manager just arrived a few weeks ago and she is doing an excellent job at stocking the shelves with sale merchandise. No longer do I complain about out of stock sale merchandise when I fill out the $3.00 surveys. Yeah.

I clip every coupon and put it in a big binder sorted by category and then by brand. I do not know which insert any of these coupons came out of. You will need to search the coupon databases if you want that information.

Goodies and some possible transaction ideas to help you maximize your savings.

Rite Aid June 12-18

Bayer Advanced 3.99, get 1.99 up, limit 1
    2.00/1 Bayer Advanced coupon in upcoming Jun 12 insert

Lysol healthy touch soap system 7.49, get 3.00 up, limit 4
    3.00/1 Lysol healthy touch coupon

Dr.Scholls foot care, get 5.00 up wyb 15.00, limit 2
    1.00/1 Dr Scholls corn, bunyon, etc coupon
    2.00/1 Dr Scholls any For Her coupon
    3.00/1 Dr Scholls orthopic coupon

Old spice deodorant 2/5.00, get 1.00 up wyb 2, limit 4
    buy1 Old Spice deodorant get1 body wash free coupon
   1.00/2 any Old Spice coupon

Sally Hanson beauty tools b1g150, get 3.00 up wyb 10.00, limit 4
    1.00/1 Sally beauty tool coupon
    2.00/1 Sally beauty tool coupon

Cover Girl b1g150, get 5.00 up wyb 20.00, limit 1
    5.00/2 natureluxe coupon

Suggested Transactions

Transaction #1
1 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (5.99) 5.39 10%
1 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (2.99) 2.69 10%
1 Lysol heathy touch 7.49
use 5.00/2 natureluxe coupon
    3.00 lysol coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=4.57 (use up rewards to pay this) +tax out of pocket
receive 3.00 up lysol

Transaction #2
2 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (5.99) 5.39 10%
2 Cover Girl natureluxe lip balm (2.99) 2.69 10%
use two 5.00/2 natureluxe coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=3.16 +tax out of pocket
receive 5.00 up cover girl when you complete transactions 1 and 2

Transaction 3
2 Old Spice deodorant    2.50
2 Old Spice body wash (4.99) 4.50 10%
1 Bayer Advanced 3.99
use two buy1 Old Spice deodorant get1 body wash free   
    1  1.00/2 any Old Spice coupon
    1 2.00 Bayer Advanced coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
=2.99 +tax
receive 2 up old spice, 1.99 up bayer

Transaction 4
2-3 dr scholls products (17.00) 15.30 10%
use 1.00, 2.00, or 3.00 Dr Scholls coupons
    1.00 RA video value coupon
    3.00 survey coupon
= varies
receive 5 up dr scholls

Good luck and happy shopping! I hope you find all the deals you are looking for.

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