Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Much Does One Really Need?

I enjoyed some time with friends the other day. When they called and invited me to share dinner with them, I was delighted. As I was writing the time on my calendar, I thought of a question I was so sure they were going to ask me. The question is "Are you alright and is there anything you need or we can help you with?"

I thought of that question over the next few minutes. I smiled as I the answer came in my mind.

"I am alright. I am more than alright, I am blessed.
I have everything I need. I have my home and my provisions. I have a dear mother and amazing son. I have my faith and my testimony. What more could a girl possibly want (besides a loving husband). I have good friends and I am cheerfully involved in my church and community."

I have joy.
True joy that comes from living a simple life of faith, family, and friends.

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