Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Garlic and Potatoes... I had just about given up on these.
But this morning during my early morning walk through the garden, I saw both poking their heads up.

I have a couple new inground beds this year. And wouldn't you know that the garlic in the mostly clay new south bed has produced a lot of  little green shoots. I hope they are happy there. They are growing between Knock Out roses. It has rained so much these last couple days that a garlic clove has floated up out of the ground. It was a beauty with half inch long roots. He quickly was helped back into the ground again.

I have more garlic (all planted the same day) in a raised bed with rich black soil. Now just how many garlic do you think have come up in this little square of heaven they live in? Dozens? Of course not. One, just one. ugh.

This is my first year to grow garlic. It seems this has turned into an unexpected comparison trial on garlic. I wonder which will produce better?

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