Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Goals

Who says goals have to be set only on January 1?

Wintertime is the most difficult time of the year for me because of health conditions. Spring brings new life to the earth and to me. So it just makes sense in my own little world that March 1 is the more reasonable goal setting time.

Personal Learning and Development
Stay busy and focus on doing good and helping others
Learn to play every song in the LDS hymnal, all 341 of them
Learn alto part to every song in LDS hymnal
Learn to preserve by dehydration and bottling
Learn to propagate a variety of plants
Join YMCA for exercise and social interaction

Keep house clean Everyday - quit skipping days (this is the most difficult for me physically)
Increase food and water storage

Remove cedar and bradford pear trees along driveway
Prepare fence row (8'x250') for perennials and shrubs
Prepare perennial wildflower triangle at fence/road/pole
Plant climbing vines at both power poles - I hate vines, but this is the only option here
Prepare Orchard area, up to half acre
Built 5 more Raised Beds for vegetables
Build Perennial Herb Raised Bed
Have something edible growing in my garden every day
Canning/Bottling supplies

I am a few weeks into some of these goals already and will be posting updates the beginning of each month.

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