Monday, April 9, 2012

Preserving the First Harvests of Chives, Parsley, and Roses

Oh I really do need a camera.

I have been preserving a few things from my garden recently.

I love chives. So in my freezer are a few small bags of sliced chives. But the best part about chives are the flowers. They are yum! I harvest my chives when just a few pretty purple flowers begin to bloom. I think the best flavor of the chives is before they bloom. But if I harvest them then, I do not get any of these delicious flowers. So I wait for just a few blossoms and then I cut everything all the way back to the ground. Simply put the chive blossoms in a mess bag and hang to dry. The great thing about chives is the more often you harvest them the better quality your chives will be.

Also I had my first cutting of parsley last week. I have nine beautiful bunches of parsley hanging up to dry. I also cut these all the way back to the ground, except I left the tough outside circle of stems on the plant.

This morning I harvested my first petals from my knock out roses. Knock out roses are perfect for a continuous supply of fresh rose petals from spring through fall. Cut the nicest blossoms that are fully open to dry. Around here in my little wannabe homestead I make due with what I have on hand. There is always another purpose for every item. This being the case with old or unused window screens. I simply pulled the petals from the rose blossom centers and spread the petals out on a screen. Set a second screen on top and bind the two screens together. Perfect. My petals are secured and will not blow away or move around. They should dry very nicely.

Harvesting rose blossoms was the perfect way to begin my day. Their loveliness will remain with me make me smile.

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