Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conservative or Liberal? Hmmm...

Liberal or Conservative

In this election year we tend to look at others as being liberal or conservative.  If someone would ask me which am I, my response will always be, "I am ultra-conservative."  But this very statement got me thinking.  Are not we all just a mixture of both?

The answer is yes!  Most definitely.

I am liberal in the sense that I get bored with common.  I never follow the crowd or assume anything.  My analytical mind forces me to assess all possible views or options.  I look for ways to be unusual, creative, different, and unique.

I am conservative in the fact that I live by a specific set of standards, values, and virtues.  I  hold to logic and reason.

Do these two opposites collide?  No, never.  There are endless ways to express my individualism and ideas all within the bounds of my core beliefs and philosophy.  True happiness can only be attained by living in a way that honors our own personal philosophy. 

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