Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learning to Coupon

I have a friend who is new to couponing and would like to be guided along the way while she learns. She just started couponing last week. CVS is one of the easiest stores for beginner couponers. So here are my instructions for her shopping at CVS May 29-Jun 4. She has $5 ecb from her thermacare purchase last week.
This is a good week to build up her confidence and excitement about couponing.

And don't think for a minute that I am skipping on these deals either. I am grabbing them up as soon as I can!!

CVS May 29-Jun 4
We will be purchasing these 5 items that are on sale this week.

Mars brand chocolate bars. sale 2/$1.00, receive $1 ecb when you buy 2 bars. Limit 1

Preparation H. sale 3.99, Receive $3.99 ecb when you buy 1. Limit 1
use $2/1 coupon, if you don’t have one you can print it from here

Benadryl, Aveeno, Caladryl, or Cortaid cream/gel
sale 3.99-4.19, get $3 ecb when you by $7.00 worth. Limit 1
use $2/1, get coupon here, print 2

Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor or refill. sale 6.99, receive $3 ecb. Limit 1
use $3/1 coupon

Specific Crest toothpastes, or Oral-B Indicator toothbrush
sale $1.99, receive $1 ecb Limit 2
use $1.50/1 oral b tooth brush coupon
if you do not have this coupon from the May 1 PG insert you may want to pass on this deal.

Transaction #1
2 Cortaid about 4.00 each
2 mars candy bars .50 each
subtotal 9.00 plus tax
pay in this order (for this transaction only)
hand to the cashier the $5 ecb first, then follow with the coupons
$5.00 ecb from thermacare purchase
2- $2/1 cortaid
OUT OF POCKET tax only (or just a few cents plus tax, depending on price of cortaid)
receive 3 ecb and 1 ecb

Transaction #2
1 preparation H 3.99
Pay with
$1 ecb from transaction #1
$2/1 coupon
OUT OF POCKET $.99 plus tax
receive $3.99 ecb

These two transactions will give you 3 much needed items for your medical supplies and a couple candy bars to enjoy on the way home for about $1.50 total out of pocket.
And you have $3 and $3.99 ecb to use next week!

You started out with $5 ecb.
Spent $1.50 oop
Ended up with $6.99 ecb.
Don’t you feel like an extreme couponer now??!!??

Now if you have the razor and toothbrush coupons you can continue to save.
OR you can just buy razor in trans 3 and pay with 3.99 ecb and 3.00 coupon for a tax only purchase.

Transaction #3
Bic Shimmer Razor or refill 6.99
Oral B Toothbrush 1.99
Subtotal 8.98 plus tax
pay with
$3.99 ecb
$3/1 bic razor coupon
$1.50/1 oral b toothbrush
OOP .49 plus tax
receive $3 ecb and $1 ecb

Transaction #4
Oral B Toothbrush 1.99
Mars candy bar .50
Subtotal 2.49 plus tax
pay with ecb first
$1 ecb from transaction #3
$1.50 oral b coupon
OOP tax only
receive $1 ecb

You have graduated to the coupon queen!
You paid a little more than $2 out of pocket and have purchased
2 cortaids, 3 candy bars, 1 prep h, 2 toothbrushes, and 1 razor.
AND have $7 total ecb for next week.


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