Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Shopping Day! - Rite Aid - 15 items for only 12 cents

I love getting things for free. It is best way I have found to provide for my family and build up a reserve. The cost of everything is going up. I try very hard to reduce the costs to my family for the things we need. I describe myself as ultra-frugal. I am a smart coupon shopper and take advantage of deals when they present themselves.

Yesterday morning's shopping trip at Rite Aid is an example of how I use coupons to get the things I need for free. Okay, almost free. It cost me 12 cents plus tax.

Gillette Body Wash was on sale for 2.99 with 2.00 ups rewards. I bought 2 of these and used 2 buy one get one free coupons. You can attach one manufacturers coupon to each item you purchase.

Right Guard Deodorant was on sale for 40% off. I purchased 4 of these and used 4 buy one Right Guard product and get one Right Guard Body Wash for free coupons. The deodorants were bonus packs with a free body wash attached. 

Complete eye solution was on sale for 7.99 with a 7.99 single check rebate. I purchased one of these using a 1.00 off coupon.

Total products purchased
6 full size body washes 
4 small size body washes 
4 deodorants
1 eye solution

Regular Price: 59.29 + 4.15 tax = 63.44
But whoever pays regular price?

  45.05 sale price
- 24.94 coupons
- 12.00 up rewards used
=  8.11 subtotal before tax
3.15 tax
= 11.26 out of pocket
7.99 single check rebate
=  3.27

This 3.27 includes 3.15 in tax, leaving the cost for all products just .12.
Tax is part of product costs. I have to pay this so it is included in my calculations.

I hope you where able to have a great shopping trip also.

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